We enable individuals and teams to perform at their highest levels. This starts with finding and hiring the right talent. It continues with coaching individuals to achieve success and satisfaction in their work. We also facilitate change for teams and leaders that creates and maintains forward momentum and achievement of excellent outcomes. And when there are career course changes we all want the same thing – for those transitions to be thoughtful, intentional, and satisfying. The specific services we offer our clients include:

Executive Search & Leadership


Executive Search

We have thirty years’ experience in leading sales teams and organizations, and fifteen years of search work focused on recruiting and placing key executives. We combine that experience with a desire and commitment to listen to our clients – to understand both the hard and soft skills needed to fill key executive positions.

Interim Leadership

Change is inevitable in any organization.  Whether it is growth, downsizing, or unexpected departures, organizations will need to fill leadership positions. Executive teams prefer to be thorough and thoughtful in filling key positions. Interim executive leadership enables companies to:

  • Continue operating and leading the sales team(s) during a period of change.

  • Provide a level of stability to a team that is undergoing a change in leadership.

  • Enable the leadership team to better vet the qualities, attributes, and skills that are most important in the new leader.

  • Get input from an outside expert on the type of candidate best suited for the company and sales team.

  • Take enough time to “do it right”, increasing the likelihood of a right hire.

Sales Assessments

We all get occasional physical exams – just to be sure everything is in working order. Sometimes our doctor will advise slight tweaks in our regimen–to improve our performance. The same is true for the sales process of an organization.

It’s not just the sick who get outside opinions on matters of health; it’s also the healthy. The best organizations are always looking for ways to improve. A sales assessment can provide thoughtful input on all things sales. This includes:

  • Sales process

  • Measurement and performance criteria

  • Compensation Sales structure and organization

  • Recruiting/interviewing/hiring practices

Professional Development


Executive Coaching

Coaching as a profession has grown exponentially in the 20+ years Paula has been coaching. She brings a depth of experience, rich education and training, and an energetic empathy to her coaching. The focus is on outcomes for the individual and the organization that are defined in the beginning and measured along the way. Coaching has been proven to support professional growth and improve leadership performance and capacity. 

Employee Engagement

There have been many studies detailing the statistics of engagement and its’ impact on productivity and performance. Feeling engaged as a professional is vital to one’s health and well-being. There is a direct correlation between the percentage of “engaged employees” and the success a company experiences. 

Career Strategies

Career management is not a class typically taught at any level in school. It can be challenging to look at your own career objectively. Developing a clear understanding of your strengths, your personal and professional values, the outcomes you have created or contributed to that are most meaningful to you, the types of companies you prefer--this is some of the things you want to understand clearly in order to make good choices for yourself. Having clarity will enable you to define powerful strategies and tactical action plans for what to pursue next in your career and why. 



Outplacement Services/Career Transition Coaching

Today’s job market demands that you be as competitive as you possibly can.  Focus, strategic targeting, proactive networking and the need to communicate your contributions and “market magic” have never been more important. Adequate preparation is more than a cursory resume update…it is a diligent process of assessment, planning and execution.  

Professional career coaching can be a vital part of launching a strategic and thoughtful career transition.  We personalize programs designed to support positive actions that produce efficient and timely results.  We have deep an rich outplacement experience working with organizations and individuals from most industries and at all levels.  Our specialty is providing individualized service that exceeds expectations.

Personal Branding

What is your "market magic"? Understanding your personal value proposition is essential to achieving success and satisfaction in work.  Expressing your value through your messaging is what will get you the optimal assignments/roles. Your verbal messaging, your digital presence, your resume or work portfolio--they all add up to your personal brand.  With the volume of digital noise these days it is especially important that you are intentional in how your develop and build your professional brand.  We LOVE the conversation that helps you get clear about your "magic"!! 

Vital Aging

Age Is An Attitude! How do you want to add more life to your years? There are great choices you can make to add more life to your years--all the way up until the end.  In this generation we have added over 30 years to our life expectancy. What do you want to do with those added years? And what can you do now to plan to make your "third act" the best it can be? There are behavior changes and strategies you can begin at any age in the categories of body, mind, purpose, spirit, emotional and relational well-being that will significantly impact your experience.