Our Clients

Accolades for Paula

I have worked with Paula in a couple capacities as a career and transition coach and most recently as a retained executive coach. Incredibly intuitive, direct, impactful, strategic, and fun–Paula over-delivers on her objective to create forward momentum with positive outcomes. As a client, I feel more empowered and confident in my abilities to successfully and positively navigate unchartered and unprecedented organizational and market activities.
— Michael Busby, Marketing Strategist
I cannot say enough about what a great Career Coach Paula has been to me. I entered our first meeting with a far-reaching goal, and Paula gave me a realistic synopsis on what it would take to achieve that goal. She helped me get my resume and my cover letter in order. She also helped me with interview tips, improving my Linkedin profile, and utilizing my network. I followed her advice and landed my dream job, proving that Paula is an expert with valuable knowledge in the career consulting field. I am so blessed to have had Paula as my Career Coach at Seattle University and highly recommend her to anyone looking to start a new career!
— Jonathan Spatacean, Associate at Revel Consulting
I cannot say enough about how wonderful Paula is as a person and how valuable an experience working with her has been for me. Paula not only smoothed my transition into a new position, but made sure I set myself up for both early and sustained success. We all have big picture ideas and solutions for problems we face each day at work or the issues we know we’ll inherit in our next position, but reality soon sets in and our focus gravitates back to the day-to-day work. Paula is amazing at pulling you out of the weeds and refocusing you on that which you’ve already admitted is most important. If you are transitioning to a new position or company, or you just feel like you’re unable to deliver as much value you would like at your current job, I strongly recommend reaching out to Paula. She will make you a better employee and a much more effective leader, and you’ll feel great about yourself throughout the entire process.
— William Lavaris, Accounting Manager at Buffalo Industries
Paula is an exceptional Career Consultant and Executive Coach. I had the honor of working closely with Paula in my own career evaluation and pursuits during 2009, when I experienced the economic downturn firsthand. I would recommend her without hesitation both on a personal career coach level and also in my capacity as an HR professional. She is able to connect with the individual client based on the needs of that person and the circumstances they face. She was a remarkable resource for my personal development and self awareness, providing me invaluable insight into my work experience and my skill set, enabling me to build and maintain forward momentum in confidence and self awareness. Her insight and guidance proved to be the most valuable resource I could have asked for in my career and will be with me throughout my career growth in the years to come!
— Sarah Aebersold Wescott, JD, Human Resources Manager at T-Mobile
As someone transitioning from an academic career, I loved working with Paula and always looked forward to talking to her. Paula is an expert in helping you to connect the dots. She does so in different ways. Paula will push you, very straightforwardly, to evaluate yourself and to think about your strengths and weaknesses. She will go over your assessment with you, talk about your resume and cover letters, and help you to polish them. Many career coaches would stop there, but Paula works more thoroughly and profoundly. She listens very carefully and intuits who you are in far more surprising and revealing ways than self-assessment exercises can grasp. And she’ll tell you directly — at times charming, at times provoking, always caring — what work you need to do. In this way she will help you to articulate your professional history, to identify the dots, and to trust that they will connect. In facts, she gives you a glimpse of where they might connect and inspires you with her vision.
— Peter Becker, PhD, Lecturer in History and Literature, Harvard University
Paula has been one of the most significant influences in my life, both professionally and personally. She has helped me to move from a “me-they” thinker to a “we-us” thinker. This has allowed me to become a part of the team rather than being viewed by management as a non-conformist. She has given me strategies so I could celebrate and embrace rather than fear the changes at my company. These transformations resulted in the most significant promotion of my career with discussions of another one already underway. Paula even graciously helped my sister to overcome a hideous work situation so that she could move on to a job she loves. Paula’s help was priceless! I feel forever grateful to her for her life-changing advice and guidance.
— John Anderson, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

Accolades for Walter

Wally is enthusiastic about his work and also about his role as leader. Employees respond to this energy and dedication. He is a motivator who is always seen to be part of the team working towards the common goal. He led the staff through difficult times with grace and compassion.
— Gewndolyn Hannah, President at Trillium Consulting Group
With Wally’s leadership, relationship skills and rock solid integrity our combined team was able to secure the largest private data network upgrade in GTE (now Verizon’s) history. Wally is a valuable leader and someone you can look to for an acceleration of market share.
— Kevin Kosche, Senior Director at Infrastructure Practices at Cisco
Wally and I have been friends and professional colleagues for several years, most recently at Tecplot where Wally was VP Customer Development. Wally is a superb sales executive who knows how to build effective, high performing teams. He has wealth of experience in a wide range of industries and is at his best in complex sales situations. Wally is an innovator and continuous learner who helps those with whom he works be better. He is a great coach and mentor.
— Rich Stillman, Partner at Altus Alliance
Wally and Paula (Fitsbow) conducted a LinkedIn workshop for my Seattle-based team. The objective was for each of us to understand the power of LinkedIn in our professional dealings and to help us make changes to our profiles that will enhance our digital presence. By all measures the workshop accomplished those objectives. Fitsbow was effective and professional in their delivery. Any team of professionals would benefit by optimizing their individual and collective LinkedIn presence.
— David M. Douglass, Managing Partner at Tatum
Wally Boos worked with HySecurity as a Senior Business Consultant. He reviewed and analyzed HySecurity’s needs for Exective Sales Management and oversaw the nationwide search that subsequently delivered a very successful applicant and ultimately, new VP of Sales. Wally’s approach was deliberate, strategic, powerful and yielded results. I highly recommend Wally Boos as an experienced, and talented executive business consultant.
— Richard Woltjer, VP of Marketing at HySecurity
Walter’s management style is one of collaboration, enthusiasm and motivation. He is a focused leader and provides his team with clear expectations around a common vision, so that they are pulling their oars together in the same direction (vs. being concerned about who gets credit). Walter is clear in stating the business problem that needs to be solved, and allows his team, the functional experts, to suggest and provide solutions to the problem. He is direct and willing to make tough decisions but is respectful is his approach. Walter’s leadership fosters a culture that is about teamwork, working hard, meeting objectives and celebrating success.
— Teri Wiegman, Co-Founder and Principal at Agency Mania Solutions
I’ve known Wally Boos for over 15 years and of all the people I’ve known both personally and professionally Wally is one of a very special class of individuals who truly lives his values. He is the genuine article. What you see is what you get, and you get a lot with Wally. He is courageous, humble, and principled. He is competent in his professional endeavours and trustworthy in his personal relationships. I thought it was high time I let others know just how much I value Wally as a personal friend and professional mentor through the years. Thanks, Wally.
— Grant Miller, Director at Alliances, a Salesforce.com Foundation