We are a sales, executive leadership and career development consulting team with 50+ years of combined professional experience navigating the path to success.

Thirty years ago when we spent time “dreaming” together about our future, we imagined starting a business that was oriented toward serving others. Our hope was to live out our values while enabling others to achieve their potential. Building on the professional experience, connections and credibility we have gained we are formalizing and realizing that vision with Fitsbow.

   Paula Fitzgerald Boos

Paula Fitzgerald Boos

I have been connecting people to possibilities since high school. Because I have always been insatiably curious about the people in my family, my community, and my workplaces, I have always asked lots of questions.  Questions that help me understand more fully; questions consistently asked from a place of curiosity and compassion and non-judgment; questions that enable me to make the connections.

I delight in introducing people to others when I see potential connections and interest. In my early days of connecting people to possibilities this took the form of introducing my friends to their lifetime mates—five of my couple friends met through me and are still together 30 years later. 

In my professional life connecting people to possibilities has included recruiting, outplacement consulting and training, career strategizing, executive coaching, team building and planning, training and personal branding. For the 20+ years since I left my full time sales career with IBM to focus on family, I have built a portfolio of work serving organizations and leaders I respect and whose values I believe in.


Mid to senior level business professionals with a desire to learn and grow in order to achieve greater success and satisfaction in work.

Especially strong helping people who are feeling "stuck" to create productive change and forward momentum, and helping professionals "grow" into new levels of leadership.


  • Creating more balance in work life
  • Managing up effectively to achieve more organizational mobility
  • Building your personal brand and finding your "special sauce"
  • Using your special strengths to add value purposefully
  • Dealing with difficult managers
  • Effective transitions to new roles within your company or
  • Selling yourself into a great role in a new organization

Outside of work I enjoy family, my faith community, gardening, walking with friends, exercise, sunshine, family dinners, and occasional sun breaks when the PNW is feeling dreary.

   Walter     (Wally)     Boos

Walter (Wally)

My passion is to enable sales people and sales teams to achieve profitable outcomes - for their customers, their company, and themselves. Strong leadership starts with understanding the needs and motivations of all stakeholders - customers, suppliers, and employees. I've had the privilege of working with clients to identify those needs/motivations, and then to creatively pursue positive outcomes - with passion and confidence.

I have been involved in sales and executive leadership at companies in the Pacific Northwest - of all sizes and industries. Industries include software, financial services, food processing, manufacturing, IT services, and VARs (Value Added Resellers). My eight years at IBM provided the training and foundation to understand customer requirements and how to engage those customers in considering new ideas. I have been a part of various executive teams, in both public and private companies. Both self-funded and venture funded companies.

My focus in the last ten years has been two-fold: 

Professional match making in executive and sales leadership; doing executive search on behalf of my clients.

Provide temporary and/or part-time executive leadership. This has included serving as an interim executive while helping my client recruit and hire a suitable long-term addition to the executive team. And during the interim period we've been able to increase the number of profitable sales transactions. Companies with 10 - 1,000 employees can most often benefit from immediate strategic assistance in establishing and implementing the right long term plan.

In my free time I enjoy ballgames, adventures with family and friends, poker, reading, bicycling, orchids, movies, new dining experiences, and enjoying the beautiful flowers of someone else’s hard work.