2015 New Year's Reflections

The beginning of a New Year is a time filled with opportunity—time for celebrating 2014’s accomplishments, learnings and joy; time for dreaming and setting intentions; time to reflect with gratitude and openness; time to let go of any of the things that may be holding us back.  As I consider my own 2014 “audit” I share some of it with you in hopes that it may prompt your reflection.


  • Great work that has come through wonderful relationships with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.  Thank you to each of you who referred someone, included me (us) in your project, contacted me to work with you, and believed in me/us.

  • Most especially I celebrate a new beginning with my best friend and partner, Wally.  In March we dared to begin our new business, Fitsbow. Thank you for all the help we have received and success we achieved.  It is the beginning of a dream that started 30 years ago.

  • I am so grateful for amazing clients!!  You enrich my life in more ways than you know.  Thank you for the gift of sharing yourself with me and allowing me to serve you in whatever ways we have worked together.

  • Rich relationships—personally and professionally.  One of my highest values is relationships and community and you (family, friends, colleagues, and community) are truly what make life worthwhile.

  • This was the year that I wore my “rose colored glasses” unapologetically.  I have embraced “Paula Positive in Pink” more wholeheartedly, embracing my imperfections while choosing to continue to notice what is working and express gratitude more often. 


  • Continue to push myself out of my comfort zone professionally in the work that I take on and how we build Fitsbow.

  • Actually finally launch our AgeisanAttitude website and continue delivering workshops to help people live their best lives longer.

  • Stay peaceful, joyful, faithful, fit, and grateful in the midst of growth and change.

Letting Go

  • Comparison

  • Harsh self-judgment and any negative judgments of others

2015 will be another big year.  As Grace leaves for college and we continue to grow this new “baby” called Fitsbow I am certain there will be much to learn and ways to stretch that I have yet to imagine.  It’s with a little help (sometimes a lot) from our friends, a boatload of faith and trust, and some playfulness thrown in to make it fun that we will make the best of this coming year.