BE Happy!

The science of happiness is a relatively new dimension of psychology and there are some great resources to help you boost your "happiness" quotient.  Following are a couple of my favorites—

Shawn Achor’s TEDtalk, The happy secret to better workis one of the most viewed talks because it is both entertaining and informative with story and science.  His books, The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness are great handbooks full of ideas for incorporating behaviors that will contribute to happiness in your work and life.

NPR is SUCH a great resource! The NPR TED Radio Hour is one of my all-time favorite resources.  There are so many TEDtalks now it is tough to sort through the ones that will be most interesting. Guy Roz does a great job of finding the great ones that are related and spending time talking to the speakers, incorporating the “best bits” of the talks, and distilling the juiciest parts of the talk into his program.  Following is a link to his radio show called “Simply Happy.”  I look forward to listening to the podcasts each week.