Career Tune-up Tips--Ask for a Raise!

It is a New Year--how about including some Career Resolutions?  One that many ask about in all different ways is the big money question.  This clip has GREAT points--some that jump out include 56% of people never ask for a raise.  This is so true in my 20+ years of coaching experience, and it is also true that when people finally do ask for a raise in the right way--they get it!

If you don't ask, you won't get it--seems obvious and fear is often what holds people back--how about being bold in 2016?

Know your worth.  You have more access to salary data than ever before.  Use it to understand your market value.  Glassdoor,, Payscale Indeed, Simplyhired...the list goes on for where you can find market data about your worth.

Prepare!  ALWAYS have a clear picture (including metrics) of your value.  List the outcomes you have produced for your organization and be clear about your contributions.  ALWAYS begin with these.

Know what you want.  If your organization is not in a position to give you more money, what are the other possibilities?

Be ready to explore other options.  One of the vital elements in professional development is growth.  How will you ensure your professional growth this year?